About Solara Homes

Solara Homes is a division of Banroc Corporation, a Florida based developer specializing in the design and construction of uniquely designed and sustainably built homes and townhomes.

At Solara it is our goal to create homes that are unique in design, that provide a superior living environment for their owners and are easy to maintain. Solara’s design team led and inspired by Harry Bandinel, who has lived and travelled to 72 countries worldwide, incorporates the best of home designs from all over the Globe.

Our roof terraces come from the Greek islands, our courtyards from old Spanish colonial homes, our garden patios from English countryside homes and our front porches from the great old neighborhoods of America’s past.


As Solara’s motto states “Your Home and Nature in Harmony”, our designs seek to bringing nature and the outdoors into daily living by incorporating outdoor our courtyards, terraces and patios into our homes. This also allows us to build a smaller home that “lives bigger”.


Our spectacular “roof top garden terraces” provide open spaces along with great views of Florida’s beautiful sunsets and warm moonlit nights. Solara’s unique “courtyards” provide beautiful, totally private outdoor living spaces that are also great for entertaining. We carefully design our courtyards with pools, spas and fire pits so they are a show piece and a focal point of each home. Our “small garden patios” provide privacy for interior spaces and intimate spots to relax. Our over-sized “front porches” promote neighborhood living and provide inviting areas to socialize with friends and neighbors.

Solara Townhomes at Babcock Ranch

Solara Home Options

In addition to our roof top garden terraces, private courtyards and front porches Solara homes also offers options that include:

  • A separate guest cottage with living room, bedroom, full kitchen and bath

  • An above garage office, game room or in law suite

  • A private courtyard pool and spa

  • Full outdoor kitchen, grill and wet bar

  • Outdoor fire pit and sitting area

  • Solara’s “Oasis Master Bathroom” with outdoor shower and sauna

  • Emergency power - natural gas generator if electric gird goes down

  • California Closets

  • The very latest and most advanced high-tech complete Home Automation systems

  • State of the art built in audio visual systems

All of Solara’s homes and townhomes can be designed to include any number and combination of the above listed options.

Solara Design and Build Team

Solara’s unique homes are the result of the extensive expertise and experience provided by Solara’s divers team. Key members of our team include:


  • Banroc Corporation - overall project management, team coordination and liaison for clients, builders, vendors, and agents

  • Harry Bandinel - founder of Solara Homes and home concepts designs - has lived and traveled in 72 counties worldwide, build homes on four continents and combines the best of American, Hispanic, Asian and European architecture to create homes with a unique design that provide a great lifestyle

  • Humphrey Rosal Architects - renowned Naples architect, creates Solara style and home design

  • Gates Construction - our General Contractor and one of South West Florida’s largest and most renowned construction companies

  • Universal Contracting - one of our onsite builders - 20 years of building experience in Lee and Charlotte County

  • Green Building USA - one of the nation’s leading Green / Sustainable Construction Design and Certification companies

  • Conrad Willkomm PA - Solara’s general legal counsel and attorney, oversees all legal aspects for Solara, includes buyer contacts and all closings

  • David Stonier and Premier Plus Realty - David is a thirty-year veteran realtor in South West who works hand in hand with Premier Plus Realty’s over 1000 agent network to market and sell Solara homes

  • New American Funding - a leading South Florida mortgage broker provides special loan programs for Solara home buyers

  • Chris Antoniak - a true craftsman from Poland, he designs and builds Solara’s custom kitchens, cabinets, California closets, and wood finish work

  • Back Bay Pools - our exclusive pool builder, has over 25 years’ experience in Southwest Florida, builds pools using the latest technology along with the best equipment and materials on the market to create fully customized pools and spas.

  • Home Team Pest Defense - provide all our homes with the Taexx non-toxic organic and green certified in-wall pest and termite control system.

  • Sherwin Williams - provide a wide range of quality paints for our homes including special anti-allergen and anti-microbial paints.

  • Freedom Technologies - provides a wide range of home security and automation systems - from a basic security system to state of the art voice-controlled home automation.

  • Inreach Storage - They provide high-tech state of the art storage units.

  • Zehnder Comfosystem - is a high tech advanced indoor air filtration system that creates a healthy, non-VOC indoor environment free from odors and indoor pollutants. The system creates a truly healthy indoor home. It also completely eliminates all odors including off-gassing from paint and carpets as well as household odors.

  • Solxenergy - provide a solar enhanced HVAC system that reduces HVAC energy consumption by 50%.

Solara's Healthy Home

Solara offers the flowing options for home buyers who are into health, fitness and understand the benefits of a healthy life style.

  • 1- Home Gym – fully detached home gym

  • 2- Home Far Infra-Red Sauna

  • 3- Home Hot Tub

  • 4- Swimming Pool

  • 5– Fully non-VOC Home

  • 6- Advanced water filtration system

  • 7- Blue light filtration HVAC systems

  • 8- “Net Metered Solar Powered”- each home has its own solar power

Solara's Home Automation and Monitoring System

Solara Homes offer many options for smart home design and with via the consulting services of Freedom Tech can custom design any level and budget of home automation and security. 

We include:

  • Advanced fiber optic Cat 6

  • LED wiring

  • Full home entertainment systems

  • Healthy - Vac System - built in Heppa Filtration vacuum cleaner system

  • Advanced remote security and home video monitoring systems

  • Include ALEXA voice command home automation

Solara’s Reinforced Cottage

Harry Bandinel, founder and president of Solara Homes is a firm believer in Global warming and as a consequence thereof we are going to be exposed to more severe climate. For Florida warmer oceans mean more frequent and much stronger hurricanes. The debate as to whether global warming is a natural cyclical phenom or caused by man is debatable, but not the issue when homes and communities are devastated by Category 4 or 5 hurricanes.


Anyone who has experienced a strong hurricane knows the disruption it causes. The panic and preparation before the hurricane - what to do, where to go, the fear and stress during the hurricane and the nightmare aftermath - excessive heat, no utilities, no water, no services, no fuel, closed roads and general chaos.

At Solara we believe the best option, provided you are not in a tidal surge area, is to stay at home. However, Solara also believes that in if a community is hit by a CAT 4 or CAT 5 hurricane, even today’s new homes will suffer severe damage as will all infrastructure and services.

Solara has designed a guest cottage that has steel and concrete reinforced walls and a poured steel reinforced concrete roof. The cottage has impact windows that also have steel bolt on hurricane shutters. It also has a built-in propane generator, a separate mini split AC unit, a full bath and a full kitchen. Even though the cottage is not a certified storm shelter, it is significantly stronger than any home built to today’s hurricane code. The cottage is also designed to function off the grid and is totally self-sufficient providing a fully air conditioned and functional living space for weeks after a hurricane regardless of the damage to local infrastructure and services.

Click on the button below to learn about the different Hurricane wind categories. 


5041 Mahogany Ridge Drive

Naples, FL 34119

Office: 941 - 716 - 0720

E-mail: Solara@USA.com

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